What's New in MANAHAWKIN, NJ

Dedicated to providing the community with the utmost in patient compassion and care while providing the latest in diagnostic studies for you, we are happy to announce new services!

What's New
Point of Care Service
HVI is pleased to use the i-STAT handheld portable blood analyzer to get Creatinine and GFR levels in real time. When your physician orders a CT or MRI with contrast and you meet the requirements for bloodwork for Creatinine and GFR, HVI can perform the necessary test in minutes on the day of your appointment.
Low Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening

HVI is certified to perform the Low Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening Test. Speak with your physician to see if you meet the requirements to have this test. Early detection is key to good health.
Automated Breast Volume Scan ABVS
ABVS is used in women with dense breast tissue where mammography alone may not be fully effective in detecting cancerous tumors. Studies show adding ultrasound to mammography results in increased detection for those patients with dense breast tissue. If your mammogram shows you have dense breast tissue, talk to your physician about ABVS Ultrasound, radiation free, 3D ultrasound.
Health Village Imaging partnered with the Barnegat Chamber of Commerce to provide 200+ pink bows to help support the HakensackMeridianHealth Paint the Town Pink Campaign to raise awareness of the importance of mammography and total wellness. HVI also supports the campaign with a Paint the Town Pink design on the Manahawkin Billboard.